Why Is Anal Sex So Good?

Sexual activity appeases your body and soothes your soul. Whenever you plunge into this intimate activity with your partner, it stimulates your nerve endings and gushes your circulating blood. Plenty of us tends to enjoy this bootyful act, whether doing it solo or with a partner. With saying that, anal sex has gained much hype, particularly among young couples taking sexual activity to the next level.

7 Reasons That Make Anal Sex Your First Choice

If you are new to this, you should definitely read these amazing facts about anal sex. Surprisingly, anal sex delivers more pleasure and benefits. Moreover, with anal sex, you are more likely to orgasm. According to a survey conducted in 2010, 94% of the women, who mainly indulged in anal sex, had an orgasm.

Let’s dig in and explore some latest advancements and benefits that make anal sex so good.

Anal orgasm

Anal sex is a social taboo. Many people refrain and consider it to be unsafe. On the contrary, it is a safe and pain-free way of involving in sexual activity. As long as you enjoy and seek pleasure, it is good for you.

Why is anal sex so pleasurable? The answer is hidden in the anatomy of the human body. Our body has a giant network of nerves that are sensitive to touch and stimulate a response. Similarly, the anus consists of plenty of nerve endings, which generate pleasure when stimulated by a sexual encounter.

Moreover, your anal canal is linked with genital organs. For instance, anal sex can stimulate G-spot and A-spot in your vaginal wall if you are a female. Ultimately, it sexually arouses you and results in an orgasm. Thus, stimulating and rubbing right away will end up in the mythical female ejaculation.

Kick Start Your Arousal Level

Anal sex has become trendy, and everyone is desperate to try this new manoeuvre. Having said that, many people claim to seek more pleasure than regular sex. This element brings naughtiness, wildness, and extreme sexual arousal. Hence, it is a natural way to augment your sexual arousal and gear up for intimate yet wild sex.

Unusually, every forbidden thing always instigates your emotions and feelings. Similarly, anal sex or forbidden sex arouses your emotions and makes you develop an urge to try it. Probably, if you have lived your life with this particular view, it can be a huge turn-on for you.

Explore Something New

Possibly, it is something new for you and your partner. Exploring this new experience can be exciting and instigate your wildness. Most importantly, you are at liberty to try out some tricks on your partner, which could result in immense pleasure.

This new manoeuvre will take you on an adventure, like a road trip, where there are lot more to explore. Most of you have been trying it for the first time. However, there is no shame in committing this incredible, pleasure-seeking act. Opening yourself up will enable you to discover more about your partner and, of course, about you.

Opportunity to Introduce New Sex Toys

Sex toys have sprung up new avenues of pleasure. These toys, especially anal toys, help flare up your emotions. Many beginners prefer sex toys before introducing their sex organs to their partners. This way, sex toys present a healthy pathway for galvanizing sexual activity.

Moreover, sex toys bring amusement and excitement to your intercourse. Before penetrating the penis in it, you should better start with a butt plus. Anal toys help prepare the anus and instigate your emotions to the next level. Hence, anal sex brings the opportunity to try these exciting sex toys.

Bringing a Higher Level of Intimacy

Both physical and emotional intimacy are essential during sex. You develop a feeling of closeness with your partner. Too often, people try to bring it during their intercourse which is far beyond any physical interaction.

True intimacy strengthens your bond of love and conveys an emotional feeling. Cuddling each other, making love, and trying different postures make them feel good about their relationship. Mostly, during anal sex, people have this feeling. They have good communication and emotional connection, which take intimacy to the next level.

Physical intimacy, especially during anal sex, opens new doors to explore more. This way, when people prefer anal sex, they are likely to develop intimacy—ultimately making them feel good and contended.

Alternative Option During Periods

Periods can play with your hormones and instigate your sexual desire. However, doing it during the menstruation period is not healthy at all. But it doesn’t mean that you have to conceal your inner desire. You can still enjoy the pleasure of anal sex.

Periods can be tough on your body, but sex can alleviate and release the tension. Anal sex is entirely safe during periods. Therefore, you can play around with your partner even during periods.

Hence, anal sex is accompanied by fun, pleasure, and intimacy. You can establish a comfortable bond with your partner without worrying about anything else.

Point to Ponder

Although anal sex does not cause pregnancy, there are a few things to consider. Accidently, if the semen enters the vagina or vulva, pregnancy can occur. Moreover, sexually transmitted diseases can still penetrate your body during anal sex. For safety considerations, you should always use condoms while doing anal sex.

Final Thoughts

True intimacy will yield compatibility with your partner. Therefore, sex is void without intimacy. To acquire a balanced relationship, intimacy and sex are essential. Anal sex is probably one of the best ways to establish this balance. It serves to provide this intimacy that is hard to develop.

This way, when you are comfortable, you tend to enjoy the sex. That’s why anal sex feels good, as you are enjoying the butt differently.

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