Butt Plug Tail

Butt Plug Tails by Butt Plug King!

The butt plug that started it all: our original butt plug tails. Enhance your sex life and enjoy your hottest fantasies with these classic, furry and naughty tails. We’ve got them in all sorts and sizes. Get yours now!

A tail? Does it sound weird to you? Don’t worry; it’s not the actual tail that will stick to your anus. This butt plug tail offers a fluffy and wild experience, making your sex life even more blissful. Whether you are new to anal play or anal sex expert, this piece of the toy provides convenience regardless of your expert level. This butt plug has a long, fluffy tail attached to its distal end. Hence, you can enjoy both external and internal pleasure with the highest level of nerve stimulation.

You will only hear a resounding “yes,” upon asking your partner about this new anal play. Initially, the idea will sound weird to you. As soon as this butt plug tail gets your touch, you will only scream wildly. No matter where you are, it will always offer immense pleasure and excitement. This unique sex toy has been designed to provide you with a new experience while chasing your stimulations via sensory nerves.

Tail plugs have different dimensions, matching your unique needs and requirements. Hence, you can choose the desired size for utmost pleasure and sensation. Whether choosing 16 inches or 8 inches-long tail, always consider your anus size. Slather this butt plug tail with anal lube to enrich your nerves with powerful sensations. If you have a furry-loving partner, it is a gateway to seduction and tingling sensations.

This butt plug tail comes in small, medium, and large sizes. Hence, irrespective of your experience level, feel free to use this exciting yet nasty sex toy. It is a powerful tactic to seduce your partner to bring on some real actions. Sway your hips with this fluffy and dangling tail. This will turn your move into an utter sensual motion, making your partner unleash the excitement via anal play. The metal plug attached to the luscious tail positioned itself into the anal canal. In contrast, the tail keeps dangling externally. This wolf tail imparts its wildness into you. Hence, you become tamed and faithful to your partner, like a fierce wolf.

You will fall for this nicely-crafted tail at its first glimpse. This realistic tail transforms your fantasy into reality, and you tend to enjoy every move that rubs your anal wall. Its tapered end offers a gradual expansion. Primarily, your body temperature rises with each gushing sensation moving across your body. That’s why the metallic plug has stainless steel in its making to cope with the temperature.

Bring yourself to this pleasant experience by purchasing a wild yet fluffy butt plug tail!

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