New Shop Live!

Finally! Our new shop is live! After several years of selling mainly through eBay and Etsy, we now have our very own webshop live. With our new shop, we are more flexible and helps us serve our customers even better.

We’ve been successfully selling a wide range of anal toys with the other platforms and we remain active there. But with our own shop, we have more control over your data, to make sure that you can shop 100% safe and secure since we don’t need to rely on a 3rd party.

Another bonus is that with our own shop, we are able to offer better prices and faster shipping and we finally support gift cards!

And another big change is that we now have our very own blog section! Here you can find interesting articles about our products and our spicy lifestyle.

As you can imagine, we are very happy and proud to be the #1 Butt Plug King to spice up the lives of our Kings and Queens.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. We are here to help.

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