How To Start With Anal Sex?

Although a social taboo, almost 1 in 3 women have tried anal sex at least once. It’s a human instinct that he always rushed toward forbidden things. Similarly, anal sex also carries the same madness. If you are curious to explore more, you have landed at the right spot. This exclusive guideline runs down through the latest discoveries in anal sex.

Anal sex is most common these days, certainly due to the intimacy which comes with it. It is considered an unusual yet pleasant way to get sexually aroused. But before trying this maneuver, you need to understand its tips and tricks, contraindication, and associated risk factors.

9 Beginner Guidelines Before Starting

Communicating is the most significant parameter that will define the success of anal sex. You can perform it without significant trouble if you and your partner are on the same page. Therefore, ensure your partner is comfortable taking a step ahead in your sex life. Here are some basic guidelines from sex experts that you should strictly follow.

Start With A Clean Slate

While your ass is originally meant to be an exit, you should make sure that you start off with a clean slate. There are many ways to make sure your anus is clean and I’ll write an article about a more in-depth cleansing method later. But when you start out, make sure you are as clean as possible. Take a shower and wash the area around your anus. For first-time endeavors, this should do the trick.

Begin With Finger or Anal Sex Toys

Anus has two sphincter muscles located around its periphery. The internal sphincter muscle is more sensitive to pressure than the external one. As a result, when sudden pressure is applied, it can end up in the tearing of muscles. Therefore, to prevent that critical situation, sex experts recommend using a finger or anal sex toy before anal sex.

Initiate by pressing the area, then try to insert your finger. You can proceed further by using a butt plug to pave the way for penis entry. When you are assured that the target area has gained enough flexibility, you can begin with penis insertion. Moreover, you can opt for different penetration techniques depending on the tightness of the anus. 

Prefer Anal Lubes

Anal lubes are another great way to enhance the flexibility of the anus. Moreover, you can achieve the perfect gliding by smearing only a few drops of lubes. These lubes may vary depending on your preference. For instance, if you decide to make out in a pool, go for silicon-based anal lube.

Unlike the vagina, the anus is a dry part of your body. Therefore, it requires ample lubrication to ensure a frictionless penetration. No matter how excellent your penetration skills are, you still require anal lubes for painless anal sex.

Skip Experimenting if It Hurts

Although initially, anal sex may hurt a bit, it should be painless. A good maneuver can significantly decrease the chance of severe pain. Therefore, ensure to offer good lubrication, such as silicon-based anal lubes.

Many people suffer from conditions such as hemorrhoids and piles. These ailments can be worsened with anal sex. Therefore, immediately stop the penetration if your partner has any of these diseases.

Begin Slowly

Everything is ruined when you try to do things hastily. Similarly, anal sex also requires perseverance and smooth gliding. Make your partner comfortable with you. As soon as your partner’s nerves calm down, the body will offer less resistance and stiffness toward anal sex.

Moreover, the most preferred time to do anal sex is when you have reached the climax. At that moment, your body will be more receptive to this penetration. To make your partner more comfortable, you can initiate by having a hot tub bath. 

Most of the time, people fear hitting fecal matter, which is not the case. Fecal matter is concealed by the large intestine, which is located at a higher position.

Communicate Well With Your Partner

That’s the most crucial part of anal sex. As long as your partner is comfortable, pleasure and intimacy will prevail. Many people are afraid of anal sex for the first time. It is important to calm their nerves. Effective communication is a sign of a healthy relationship. Therefore, you should begin having a regular conversation to deviate from her mind.

Try to ask about her concerns and fear related to anal sex. It can be a smart strategy as you can help to overcome that fear. It will boost her confidence and trust in you. This way, you can make a successful penetration without pouring in the extra effort.

Refrain From Doing Enema

Although an enema is essential for your gut’s health, doing it just before anal sex may irritate your anus. If you are planning anal sex, you should prefer doing an enema a week before. Therefore, refrain from it as it can be discomforting for you.

Use Condoms

Condoms are not merely contraceptive equipment; they can also prevent contagious diseases. Although anal sex doesn’t cause pregnancy, it can provide a gateway to the penetration of life-threatening diseases.

Additionally, condoms have lubricants on their superficial surfaces. These will enable a smooth and frictionless entry. Physical interaction and rubbing may cause unnecessary damage. Moreover, this microscopic tear can breed various life-threatening pathogens. Wearing a condom can ensure peaceful sex and also saves you from infectious diseases.

Skip It if It Doesn’t Turn You On

Anal sex is not for everyone. For sure, if it doesn’t turn you on, you should better skip it. Many women find it pleasurable, but it does not apply to everyone. Even though you are planning innovative styles for your sex bucket list, it is unnecessary to fulfill them all.

What comes to your mind when you imagine anal sex? Possibly, it’s fear for 90% of the individual. As long as your fear sustains, you will not be able to perform well. Therefore, if it’s hampering your sexual feelings, stop doing it.

Final Thoughts

The biggest takeaway here? Communicate with your partner and make her comfortable. Before you think about approaching your partner, you should exchange some words to offer comfort. Moreover, if it doesn’t work for you, stop doing it immediately. Rely on these basic guidelines as they will help you swiftly perform this most significant venture of your life.

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